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Pediatric Dental Health Guidelines for Parents

Dr. Simone recommends a child's 1st Dental visit by 2 years of age or when all 20 primary teeth erupt


  • Our goal at this appointment is to orient the child with the procedures of the dental office
  • The child's teeth are cleaned by the hygienist with a toothbrush.
  • The dentist will then evaluate the child's dentition for cavities and offer any advice to the parents to improve the oral hygiene.
  • If a child gets to age 4 or 5 with no cavities, they have a good chance of being caries (cavity) free.

Baby teeth are IMPORTANT


  • All 20 of your child's primary (baby) teeth should erupt by age 3. Permanent teeth should appear around age 6.
  • A common misconception about the importance of primary teeth is they “will lose them anyway.”
  • Healthy primary teeth are vital to proper development of the permanent teeth & jaws.
  • Decayed or infected primary teeth can cause problems, such as: possible decay in permanent teeth, malformation, crowding or impaction of permanent teeth.

Oral Hygiene


  • You should start providing good oral care for your children from birth.
  • Use small, soft toothbrush, and replace every 3-4 months.
  • Make brushing a fun habit - a supervised game! Try to brush for 2 minutes & after meals.
  • Use fluoride toothpaste, under supervision as soon as a child has control over swallowing so they do not ingest the fluoride.
  • If your child will not let you brush their teeth then use a moist towel to wipe food and debris from their teeth.

Dietary Habits


  • Limit sugar intake. Substitute fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts for candy and sweets. Encourage drinks that do not contain sugar.

Infant Recommendations


  • Powder-mix formula contains small amounts of fluoride and will depend on the type of water used to reconstitute to get final fluoride levels. We recommend deionized (distilled) water, over bottled water, to limit risk of fluoride overdose. This is accompanied by a fluoride tablet. Recent research has shown that using Nursery Water may exceed recommended fluoride levels
  • Use caution with multi-vitamins so as not to overdose fluoride