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Pediatric Dental Care 

Dr. Simone enjoys treating patients of all ages. Many patients commonly think baby teeth are not important as they will be replaced with adult permanent teeth.  This is not true as baby teeth preserve space for permanent teeth.  So if baby teeth are not cared for properly and fall out too early the patient will experience problems with their permanent teeth erupting into the correct location.  To prevent this problem there are many treatment options offered for your children.  


Prevention – Through routine dental visits and proper dental care at home many children can avoid cavities and the early loss of their teeth. 


Cleanings – Hygiene visits are as important for kids as they are for adults. We recommend that children have their teeth professionally cleaned at least 2 times each year.  Not only does this clean their teeth but allows the dentist to examine their mouth for cavities. 


Fluoride – In-office fluoride is vital to prevention of cavities.


Sealants – These are excellent tools in the fight against cavities. A sealant covers and protects cavity prone areas on permanent teeth to help a child make it through adolescence without getting cavities.  These are typically placed on permanent teeth as they will remain with the child for the remainder of their life.


Tooth-Colored Fillings – These are placed on children to repair teeth with cavities.


Silver Amalgam Fillings – Some patients prefer the time-tested and safe alternative because it is easy and less expensive.


Pulpotomy – This is the removal of the nerve and pulp tissue on baby teeth with large cavities.  Typically a tooth that has a pulpotomy will have a stainless steel crown placed on the tooth as the permanent restoration. 


Stainless Steel crowns – Following pulpotomies, we crown the baby tooth with a stainless steel crown to retain its position and space in the dental arch. 


Extractions and Space Maintainers – When baby teeth are too decayed to save we often have no choice but to extract the tooth to prevent pain/infection. To prevent tooth shifting and space loss due to the premature loss of a baby tooth, we often make Space Maintainers.  A Space Maintainer is a wire device that is cemented into place that will prevent the remaining teeth from crowding and preventing the permanent teeth from coming in correctly.