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Advanced Dental Technologies

Piezo  tooth cleaning technology – Enjoy the amazing comfort and speed for your dental cleanings with piezo technology.  After a cleaning with a piezo the majority of our patients are pleased not having their teeth scraped.  Since this technology is more efficient the elapsed time for a cleaning is minimal.

Paper free office
– Our dental office utilizes an advanced software system.  This allows our patients to check in and sign all office forms via a computer, which explains why paper forms are not offered on this website.  A picture of this computer check in kiosk is located in the office tour section.  Since all documents are stored in the computer they are easily saved if there is a hurricane and evacuation is necessary.  Many patients worry about the security of the computer system.  Our IT specialists has placed a firewall into the network and the software is password protected.  Finally your patient records are protected and secured on many back-up devices which are kept off site.  


High-Definition Flat Screens – To enhance your visit flat screens with cable are placed throughout the office if front of patients for you to watch while receiving dental treatment.  There is also a family waiting area equipped with a sofa and large screen television for comfort while waiting for a relative.

Intra Oral Camera – This technology allows the team to photograph your teeth and immediately present pictures of your teeth while not leaving the dental chair.  This allows patients to see what the dentist sees in your mouth.  

Modern Sterilization System - Our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of infection control were a major focus of our office design.  We have implemented the most state-of-the-art sterilization system to protect both our team and our patients.  

Air abrasion Technology
- Air abrasion is a method for removing tooth decay with tiny particles of aluminum oxide or silica -- imagine a miniature sandblaster gently wearing away the decayed material without the friction of a drill. Compressed air is used to spray a stream of the sand-like particles at the affected tooth while an assistant generally suctions away the excess. Because air abrasion, or microabrasion, is most commonly used to prepare a tooth for a tooth filling, it is also often referred to as kinetic cavity preparation.

Dental Loupes  -  Dr. Simone wears these to magnify the size of the tooth or teeth he is treating.  This allows him to magnify the affected area 3 to 6 times its original size.  


Arestin® - Gum Disease Treatment - Fighting periodontal disease is a serious matter. Periodontal disease is a major cause of tooth loss among American adults, and increasing evidence links periodontal disease to heart disease.  Dr. Simone recommends using Arestin® as an additional weapon against gum disease. Arestin® is an FDA-approved powder-like medication that contains microspheres of the antibiotic minocycline. It's placed inside the infected periodontal pockets and is then gradually released, fighting off the infection. With Arestin®, the antibiotic is placed only where it's needed — unlike an orally administered antibiotic that could affect your whole body. Using Arestin® also means that a second visit just for the antibiotic procedure isn't necessary.